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8th Grade Math


I am a graduate from Columbus State University with a bachelors degree in Education with a concentration in math and history.  I am highly qualified to teach both math and history.


I am working on my masters degree from the University of West Alabama.


I am in my fifth year of teaching math.  My first year I taught both 7th and 8th grade math.  My second year I taught 7th grade math and the last 2 years,  I taught 8th grade math.  This year I'm also teaching 8th grade math using AMSTI material that engages the students and helps them become an active participate in the classroom along with Algebra 1.


I am from Columbus, Georgia and decided to move down south to be closer to the beach.  I graduated from Columbus High School and Columbus State University. 

I have two sons and two daughter in laws.  Christopher is an attorney for a oil and gas firm in West Virginia.  He has two daughters, Olive and Eleanor.  I go to visit when ever I can.  Nathan is a chemical engineer. 

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